What is the Tech Radar?

The X-Road Core Tech Radar is a list of technologies used in the implementation of the core components of X-Road data exchange layer. The list is complemented by an assessment result, called ring assignment, that has four rings with the following semantics:

  • ADOPT — Technologies that are currently used in X-Road core development and X-Road core releases. It's recommended to use these technologies when developing new core components.
  • TRIAL — Technologies that are currently being tested and/or used in unreleased (yet) components, and are very likely to be used in the future releases of X-Road core.
  • ASSESS — Technologies that are researched, assessed and/or used in prototyping. These technologies are promising and have clear potential value-add for X-Road core.
  • HOLD — Technologies not recommended to be used in new components, but can be continued to use in existing components. These technologies are deprecated or are not (yet) worth to (further) invest in.

What is the purpose?

The Tech Radar is a tool to inspire and support X-Road developers to pick the best technologies for new X-Road core components.

How it is maintained?

The Tech Radar is maintained by Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS).